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“The Intel Case” with Nicholas Banasevic, Head of Unit C3, DG COMP

On 13 May 2009, the European Commission adopted a decision finding that Intel Corporation infringed Article 82 of the EC Treaty by abusing its dominant position on the x86 central processing unit (CPU) market. The decision imposed a fine of EUR 1.06 billion and obliged Intel to cease the identified illegal practices, to the extent that they are ongoing, and not to engage in the same or equivalent practices in the future.

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PANEL DEBATE: Towards a Transatlantic Energy Alliance? T-TIP and Europe’s external energy relations with David Koranyi, Atlantic Council and Jeffery Piper, DG ENERGY

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Latvian presidency priorities in research and innovation - Lauma Sika, Counsellor for Research & Space Questions, Latvian Perm Rep

Join us for an Innovation task force briefing with Lauma Sika, Counsellor - Research & Space questions, Permanent Representation of the Republic of Latvia to the EU. More information coming soon..

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Research & InnovationINNOVATION
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University and Business Partnerships - Creating Commercial Opportunities and Fostering Growth

Successful partnerships between universities and companies are central to how higher education is helping companies to deliver innovation and to boost competitiveness. This is a key target for companies, governments and the European Union.

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EVENT POSTPONED - EU Antitrust and completion of the Digital Single Market, state of play and future priorities with Linsey McCallum, Director, Markets and Cases, DG COMP, European Commission

On the occasion of the EU Consumer Summit 2014, the European Commissioner for Consumer Policy, Neven Mimica said: "Consumers have a lot to gain from the digital economy: better deals to be found, more content to access and cheaper ways to communicate”. Completing the digital single market would benefit EU consumers by on average €400 a year, some €200 billion Europe wide.

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Internal Market
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Moving forward with a new energy efficiency directive with Paul Hodson, Head of Unit C3, Energy Efficiency, European Commission

The Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU EED) requires the Commission to assess, by 30 June 2014, the progress achieved towards the 20% European energy efficiency target for 2020. It also envisages by the same date, the assessment to be submitted to the European Parliament and to the Council, possibly accompanied by proposals for further measures. In addition, energy efficiency is part of the discussions on the '2030 Climate and Energy framework'.

Energy ExploitationEnergy ResourcesEnergy Consumption/Saving
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New state aid rules for R&D

Join us for a business lunch with Paolo Cesarini on the state aid rules for research and development. Mr Cesarini is head of unit for R&D, Innovation and Risk Capital at DG COMP. More information coming soon.

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Research & InnovationCompetitionINNOVATION
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Innovation in industry: what does the future hold?

Join us for a breakfast briefing on innovation in industry with Bonifacio Garcia Porras - Head of Unit, Innovation Policy for Growth, DG Enterprise, European Commission. More information coming soon.

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Expat Financial Affairs 2014: growth makes you happy

Are you an expat in Belgium? Are you struggling to find financial advice relevant to your status? The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium wants to help, and has invited a number of experts to come and share their knowledge and experience on all sorts of financial issues for expatriates living in Belgium.

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Latvian presidency priorities in agriculture, safe and sustainable food

Join us for a briefing of the Food Security, Safety & Sustainability task force with Aivars Lapins - Deputy State Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, Permanent Representation of the Republic of Latvia to the EU. More information coming soon

This event is held under Chatham House rule

Food SafetyFOODAgriculture
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BNG Annual Visit to Strasbourg 2014

There is no formal ‘guide to Strasbourg’ and going for the first time can be daunting. This annual visit, now in its fourth year, prepares young professionals for visits to Strasbourg, helps them to develop the knowledge, skills and contacts necessary for a career in the EU Affairs environment.

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