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The British Chamber is all about its members.
Our activities are driven by the needs and requirements of our member companies and our offering and value proposition is based on a close understanding of our members derived from surveys, focus groups and other regular feedback.
We have identified five membership segments that help us to mould our business model. In addition our Brussels New Generation initiative supports the next generation of business leaders.
Membership segments
EU Corporates. Mainly larger companies, but also including trade associations, that are primarily focused on engagement with EU policy issues.
EU Lobbying companies. These are companies (large and small) who provide advice and services in areas such as EU public affairs, law, research and information to other businesses
Business Services (B2B). These companies provide business services, such as accounting, legal advice, training and travel, to other businesses.
Expatriate focussed companies (B2C). Companies looking to provide consumer services to ‘international individuals’ in areas such as banking, telecoms, mobility etc.
Business in Belgium. These companies have a primary interest in the local business environment, domestic policy, trade and investment in Belgium and the UK.
The first two segments have a clear EU focus, whilst the final three segments have a ‘Business in Belgium’ focus.
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The British Chamber is the networking facilitator for international business people in Belgium