This task force is a platform to exchange views and enhance understanding in this area of intense regulatory activity. The group promotes dialogue with EU policy makers, whilst also promoting awareness of global aspects of financial regulation.

Chair: David Reed, Kreab

Vice-chairs: Julian Jacobitz, Hering Schuppener
                     Victor VanHoorn, Hume Brophy

Past events have included discussions about Taxation Policy, the Capital Markets Union, Insurance and Pensions, Asset management, Retail Financial Services. Recent speakers have included:

  • Lee Foulger, working for the Financial Conduct Authority and the then Member of Cabinet to Vice-President Dombrovskis on “Capital Markets Union”
  • Klaus Wiedner, DG FISMA in D1, Bank regulation and supervision on “Bank Regulation”
  • Sven Gentner, Head of Unit C4 - Asset Management DG FISMA on “Asset Management”
  • Ralf Jacob, Head of Unit D3 Retail financial services and payments, DG FISMA on “Retail Financial Services”
  • Brian Hayes, MEP on “Impact of Brexit on cross-border business”