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EU Committee with Jean Bergevin, Head of Unit, Antitrust: Financial Services, Dir D 2, DG COMP on the Challenges and Priorities in Antitrust in Financial Services

Beginning: Thursday, 21 September 2017 08:30
End: Thursday, 21 September 2017 10:00
Event fees: British Chamber members: €60.00 (incl. VAT)
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Event description:

Strengthening competition in financial services is one of the core elements of creating a more stable and transparent financial system in Europe. Antitrust policy in financial services is one of the main pillars for enforcing competition rules in European markets, with the aim of benefiting both businesses and consumers. Jean Bergevin, will discuss his priorities and the major challenges as Head of Unit responsible for antitrust cases in financial services.


Jean Bergevin has been appointed Head of Unit, Antitrust: Financial Services, Dir D2 at the DG Competition in January 2017.

Prior to that, he was nominated in 2011 as the Head of Unit responsible for Intellectual property rights and their enforcement. Since 2005 he has headed units responsible for Internal Market policy in media, retail services, e-commerce and commercial communications.

His professional career began at the International Energy Agency's Coal Research Office in London and following two years in the UK Civil Service he joined the European Commission in 1989.

Jean Bergevin was born and educated in the UK. He graduated with a BA in Economics and French in 1981. His post-graduate qualifications consist of a MA in Economics and a PhD on the Economic Analysis of the industrial market for electricity in the UK.


Jean Bergevin | | European Commission

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