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The Future of Europe: the UK's role in the EU, and impact of the EU on British business life

Beginning: Tuesday, 15 September 2015 12:00
End: Tuesday, 15 September 2015 14:00
Location: Rue Brederode 13, 1000, Brussels, Belgium
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Event description:

What are the greatest challenges the European project is facing, and how is this reflected in the current UK debate? What types of EU reforms are necessary to address these challenges, and what would be the implications for the UK and other member states? What role does business play in this process, and what would be the consequences for employers in Britain of a change in the UK’s status in the EU? What impact can the UK referendum have on European integration in the long term?

At this exclusive business lunch, First President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy will speak about the UK-EU relationship and address the implications that the upcoming referendum may have on the United Kingdom and the future European project.

Van Rompuy will be joined on the debate panel by Sir Christopher Bellamy QC, Chairman of Linklaters' Global Competition Practice, and Larry Stone, President of Group Public & Government Affairs at BT, will elaborate on the value of reform and renewal for the EU and the challenges for businesses operating in the UK of a potential change in Britain’s role in the EU.

The event and debate will be moderated by Dave Sinardet, Professor of Political Science at VUB (the Free University of Brussels) and a frequent and renowned columnist for several national Belgian newspapers.

Members of the British Chamber strongly support Britain’s membership.


Herman Van Rompuy | | Former Prime Minister of Belgium and first President of the European Council

President emeritus of the European Council. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Budget 1993-1999 and member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives (1995–2009). Designated Minister of State in 2004, Prime Minister of Belgium in 2008. In 2009, chosen to be the first full-time President of the European Council.

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