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Roundtable: Impact of Brexit on the Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing sectors

Beginning: Tuesday, 28 March 2017 12:00
End: Tuesday, 28 March 2017 13:30
Location: Pericles Building Rue de la Science 23, 1040, Brussels, Belgium
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Event description:

It now seems likely that the UK's withdrawal from the EU will include leaving the Customs Union, with a view to trading on the basis of a free trade agreement with the EU.

This roundtable discussion, hosted by Hogan Lovells, will consider how these features of Brexit will affect the Automotive and Industrial Manufacturing sectors, and explore ways in which companies can best prepare for this new trading relationship: what restrictions might there be on subsidies to support UK domestic industry, where would an introduction of customs tariffs hit businesses the hardest, how might businesses deal with more extensive border checks to avoid disruption to just-in-time supply chains, and how might a UK-EU FTA impact on (or be impacted by) the UK's trading relations with the rest of the world?   

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