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Meet like-minded professionals… through networking

Networking is at the heart of everything that the British Chamber does: it is the networking facilitator for international business people in Belgium.

Whether you are interested in EU Affairs, the Belgian business environment or international business development, there are an incredible number of networking opportunities for you.

Membership of the British Chamber provides you with a ready-made network of over 2 000 active and successful business people in companies ranging from established global multinational corporations to innovative start-up companies.

The British Chamber is the perfect network for conveying business-critical messages to regulatory authorities and to other economic players. Of all Brussels’ networking platforms the British Chamber offers the broadest spectrum of ideas and debates.

Meet like-minded professionals at events
Develop insights & understanding
The British Chamber facilitates the exchange of valuable unbiased intelligence, insights and information
Meet like-minded professionals through networking
Developing contacts
Meet like-minded professionals by developing contacts
International network
Develop insights and understanding through a truly international network