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How we are organised

The day-to-day business of the British Chamber is run by a small team of professionals led by Chief Executive Glenn Vaughan and supported by the chamber’s Executive Committee (EXCO) and numerous member volunteers who run the chamber’s various committees and task forces.
EXCO consists of the chamber senior management team, the president and officers of the Chamber’s Council, and the chairs of the Chamber’s main event organising committees.
The British Chamber is governed by a board of directors called the Council. The Council meets four times a year and is elected every two years by all member organisations. The role of council members is to oversee the effective running of the chamber and to act as its supporters and ambassadors.
The President of the Council and other officers are elected by the Council at its first meeting. The President of the chamber, currently Thomas Spiller, takes an active role in the regular business of the chamber.
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How we are organised
The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is a not-for-profit organisation
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