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Executive committee

The British Chamber Board


The British Chamber Board consists of 9 members who have legal responsibility of the organisation and meet on a regular basis.


Glynis Whiting
Immediate Past President



Joseph Lemaire
Chair Brussels New Generation (BNG)

Hugues Thibaut
Chair Business Development Committee

Tom Parker

Thomas Spiller

Nikolaus Tacke
Chair EU Committee

Glenn Vaughan (Chair)
Chief Executive

Neophytos Aristodemou
Honorary Treasurer

Uzma Lodhi
Head of Policy & Communications

Konstantina Karadimitropoulou
Head of Membership Development


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Executive committee
The British Chamber Executive Committee (EXCO)
Task force chairs
The Task Forces are the main sources of inspiration for the Chamber’s EU Committee’s programme of events and initiatives
The Chamber is governed by a board of directors called the Council