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How does it work?

What is it?

Brussels New Generation (BNG) is the young professionals network of the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. BNG aims to be the leading network for young international professionals (aged under 35) in Brussels. Open to all young professionals, the network provides opportunities for (1) networking, (2) professional development (3) thought leadership, (4) philanthropic activities in Brussels.

The BNG plays a leading role designing events and concepts that add value at three levels:

  • Provides value for Chamber members as a whole: raises awareness of the British Chamber through its extended reach and plays a role in recruiting new members
  • Provides young professionals with learning and networking opportunities
  • Helps members of the Core Group to develop professionally

Recent Achievements

Over the past four years, the BNG has become an important part of the British Chamber’s PR, branding and CSR activities, has supported the development of young professionals, contributed to the growth of the Chamber and has become a recognisable brand in Brussels. The BNG has consistently organised around eight events per year and has developed a series of innovative new concepts. Achievements include:

  • Organised annual training sessions in Strasbourg to develop knowledge of the inner workings of the European Parliament
  • Established a successful ‘Lunch & Learn’ series with a viable sponsorship model
  • Set up the Diversity Dialogues initiative to put the spotlight on a variety of diversity issues and best practices
  • Brought together a range of experts for the annual Expat Financial Affairs forum to share advice on a variety of areas relevant to big life decisions as an expat in Belgium
  • Organised a charity event in March 2011 for victims of the Japanese tsunami in collaboration with the Japanese Red Cross and raised over €5000 for charity
  • Great Brussels Bake off – raising over €5000 for youth employment charity with 20+ teams - Press: Article 1 Article 2 Article 3
  • Collaborated with British Brussels Network to host an event on ‘British Representation in the EU institutions – Rebuilding our presence in Brussels’ with European Commission Directors-General Madelin and Faull
  • Established a Brussels/community focus through an ongoing collaboration with ‘Serve the City’.
  • Became a net contributor of revenues to the Chamber from 2011 onwards
  • Contributed to winning the COBCOE 2012 CSR award
  • Supported the work of the European Youth Forum in promoting their European Quality Charter on Internships and Apprenticeships

As the British Chamber grows, the BNG plays an increasingly important role in increasing member engagement and growing awareness of the Chamber across Brussels. A can-do, entrepreneurial culture has developed within the BNG where, when its members have a good idea, the group makes it happen with the support of the Chamber.

BNG Core Group:

Joseph Lemaire (Chair)
Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Mathilde Bouvier
APCO Worldwide
Alexandra Nagy

David Hughes
Johnson & Johnson

Florence Hugenholtz
FTI Consulting Belgium
Florian Erny
Francesca Loparco
The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium
Kristof Van Kerkhoven
Katie Moss
The Fry Group


How do I get involved?

Contact Francesca if you are interested in being placed on the mailing list or click Like on our Facebook Page to find out our activities

If you have ideas for a briefing idea focused on tangible development skills needed by young professionals or a fun networking opportunity and would like to organise something please also get in touch!