Leen Meulenbergs

Senior Management, WHO Representation to the European Union

As from 1st August 2016, Leen Meulenbergs combines the function of WHO Representative to the EU with her position of Executive Manager of Strategic Partnerships at WHO/EURO. In 2010, she was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Belgian EU Presidency on health issues. From 2003 to 2010, she was the Head of International Relation Department and in this capacity she was the advisor to the Belgian Minister of Health and the President of the Board of directors of the Federal Public Service on international matters. Ms Meulenbergs was the main contact point for international organisations such as WHO, OECD and the European Union and she was chair of the WHO Parma declaration on Environment and Health in March 2010. In 1998, she started working at the International relations Department of the Federal Public Service of Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment and was responsible for health issues. Ms Meulenbergs has a Master in Psychology and started working on policy research in the field of care for the elderly, mental health and social care.

Speaking at:

Leen Meulenbergs on "Priorities as WHO Representative to the EU"
Monday, 26 June 2017 12:30