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UK-EU Relations



'What Business Needs For A Strong EU-UK Partnership - 10 Negotiation Priorities'

The United Kingdom’s (UK) departure from the European Union (EU) is a matter of great importance to the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium (BCCB) and its members. Through a dedicated programme of activities, we are working to ensure that the pending negotiations between the two parties are informed by the expertise, insight and concern of our Members.

The BCCB’s current position on a future UK-EU agreement is based on three headline points:

  1. The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium wants the best possible agreement between the UK and the EU, which recognises the highly interconnected nature of our economies and provides the clarity, certainty, and practicability that is needed to prevent unnecessary damage to our members, the wider business community and the UK and EU economies.
  1. Agreeing on a new relationship that will enable a seamless business environment between the UK-EU will be very complex, particularly given the limited amount of time available for negotiation once Article 50 is triggered. To guide this discussion the British Chamber has established a set of 10 guiding priorities, which we believe must underpin the future agreement.
  1. In light of the complexity and time-sensitivity of the negotiations, we believe that the two parties should agree as soon as possible on transitional arrangements that allow the status quo (as regards rights of residents, trade in goods and services, free movement of capital and financing of the real economy) to remain unhindered until a satisfactory and comprehensive agreement on the new EU-UK relationship is reached.

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