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How will Brexit impact your tax bill? Some reflections on the Belgian direct tax consequences and the way to restructure your business going forward.

In this seminar we will speak about the corporate tax impact of the UK leaving the EU. A hard Brexit will implicate that a number of directives and treaties will no longer be applicable, urging companies to assess their future tax positions and applicable tax provisions in the new UK-Belgian relationship. Also in a number of other Brexit scenarios, the impact can be substantial.Topics that will be addressed include:

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Using Litigation Strategically: A guide to the EU courts for public affairs professionals

White & Case partner James Killick will discuss how to further your strategic agenda through challenges to EU decisions.As well as explaining how the General Court works, this seminar will explore the public affairs benefits and challenges around a Court challenge.If you are a public affairs professional, want to learn how the EU courts work and the best way to use litigation strategically, then join us for this seminar which will be followed by a networking cocktail.

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Expat Financial Affairs 2017

Our annual Expat Financial Affairs event offers essential advice in English on managing your finances as an expat living in Belgium. Get direct access to our trusted expert partners, mingle with fellow expats over food and drinks, and learn more from our short and informative presentations on investments, pensions, financing your Belgian residence and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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The Ambassador Hosts: Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister - International Trade: A Belgian Outlook

Join us for an exclusive lunch briefing with British Ambassador to Belgium Alison Rose and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs, Didier Reynders.Minister Reynders will talk about how Belgium is working to attract foreign investment and the economic outlook of the country for the near future. The Minister will also discuss the future of international trade from a Belgian perspective, including the threats and opportunities presented in the modern era of trade.

This event is held under Chatham House rule

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An update on recent Belgian labour law developments

This seminar will cover the most recent labour law topics in Belgium. Find out more about:Updates on the work rules regulation: new obligations for employersPosting of workers to Belgium: new requirements to designate a contact person and to provide mandatory documents/information for social inspectionsJustifying a dismissal: recent case lawThe reduction of labour costs: new measures coming into force from 1st January 2018

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