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The Ambassador Hosts:Maggie De Block - Social system sustainability and collaboration with business

We are delighted to present an exclusive breakfast briefing hosted by British Ambassador to Belgium Alison Rose featuring the Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Maggie De Block as the keynote speaker.Minister De Block will talk about the sustainability of the social system in Belgium, how this is linked to boosting economic growth across the country and how businesses can contribute to ensuring that today’s social systems are meeting the needs of society.

This event is held under Chatham House rule

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Belgian Corporate Tax Reform: what does it mean for you?

Recently, the government has proposed a thorough reform of Belgian corporation tax as from 2018. The most striking change is the reduction of corporate income tax up to 20% in certain cases. But the proposal also contains a whole series of 'compensatory measures'. This will not only create winners, but also losers.

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Politics and Economics Collide: the threats and opportunities from Trump and Brexit

The global economy looks to be gaining increasing momentum with Europe and Asia now adding to what is already a positive growth story in the US. Consequently, central banks are increasingly thinking it is time to respond and unwind some of the unprecedented monetary stimulus, but there is uncertainty over how fast and how far they should go. Political risk also remains high. Referendums, elections, a potential US government shutdown and Brexit suggest nothing can be taken for granted. 

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Belgian Labour Laws: recent and future developments employers need to be aware of

At this seminar, various hot labour law topics will be discussed such as 

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