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Training | Brexit, Political Risks and their Impact on Business

Business risks caused by political events have traditionally been a concern for companies investing in emerging markets. In the last few years political risks have also become a reality in advanced economies: unexpected results at the ballot box, international economic sanctions and new barriers to trade (to name a few) impact the environment in which businesses operate and can sometimes directly threaten their operations.

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Training | “Keep calm and stay on message” - How to handle the media with ease and confidence

Whether you are your organisation’s official spokesperson or not, in Brussels and beyond chances are, you will run into a journalist at some point. The akkanto media training will allow you to learn how to:

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Training | Public Speaking II

As our Training | Public Speaking was so popular in April, we are now able to confirm a second training with the same trainer. Learn how to put your ideas across in a powerful, effective and engaging way. The training will revisit the principles of successful public speaking and build on your existing skills and natural communications style. Video recording and playback will be used to enable you to see and hear yourself in action.

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Training | Preparing a Business Plan – special focus: preparing the budget

Do you have a new idea that you would like to turn into a business? Do you have a business or department that needs that little extra push to make it just that little bit more successful?

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Training | Getting to know the EU: Institutions, Processes and Practices

A half day, practical training session that will help you better understand and navigate the EU and all its complexities. The training course will focus on:

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Training | Understand your communication style and use it to achieve results

This is an interactive, experiential and hands-on workshop to explore how you can impact people through your communication style. Find out how to tune in to people and achieve results by getting the communication right.Objectives of this workshop: Become aware of your natural communication styleLearn how to switch frequencies to get your message acrossLearn how communication can lead to conflictThis workshop is designed for people needing to impact stakeholders and especially managers leading teams.

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