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Sustainability & Shared value

Sustainability & Shared Value

The task forces covers the following issues:

•    Sustainability in business cases
•    More innovative business models
•    Creating new revenue schemes and reducing costs by moving early

The main responsibilities of the task force are:

•    Ensuring an in-depth understanding of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility
•    Disseminating privileged information related to sustainable development in business and corporate social responsibility
•    Providing opportunities to members to anticipate and shape change within their businesses and organisations.

Members of the task force

Members of the task force are drawn from member companies. They are appointed on the basis of their relevant expertise and are expected to contribute and support the chamber team through advice and practical assistance.
Chair: Joost Visser, REL Sales Consulting
Current members are: Louise Hilditch - Local Knowledge, Howard Honick – Robinson Henry, Ilse Moens – PwC, Pamela Bons – Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Ruth Rey – FTI Consulting

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