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Facilitator for EU Relationships

EU and Regulatory Issues
Facilitating your engagement with European Union and regulatory issues is one of the key focus areas of British Chamber activities. The British Chamber provides an inside track to high-level EU and UK policy makers through its trusted and neutral platform where members can help shape the policy agenda and obtain valuable insights.
Our EU Committee is our main forum for members to engage with the activities of the European Union and its institutions. It is an environment in which to meet and discuss issues with EU policy makers, their advisors and other business leaders. The committee attracts members with specialist knowledge covering industry, commerce, legal and financial matters and EU consultancy in general.
EU Committee activities include regular meetings where key EU players, including European Commissioners or their cabinet members, are invited to address the Committee, numerous conferences, our popular Breakfast Briefings with Director Generals from the Commission, visits to the various EU institutions and focus groups in the European Parliament in Brussels. The annual trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg is one of the highlights of the Committee’s programme. 
The activities of the EU Committee are open to all Full members of the British Chamber.
EU Committee Task Forces
The varied programme of the EU Committee is driven by the sixtask force groups that cover policy areas of particular interest to members. New task force bodies can be established as new policy issues of interest to members emerge.
Policy areas currently covered by member task force groups are:
Competition & Trade
Financial Markets
Food, Health & Consumers
Industrial Markets
Single Market
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