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Competition & Trade

Created in 2010, the Competition & Trade task force’s aim is to provide a targeted opportunity to participate in meetings with officials and MEPs by identifying subjects which are of direct concern to members.  As the structure allows for a two-way exchange of information, it provides an excellent vehicle for those affected by competition or trade issues to have their say.

The interest of the task force is growing and incorporates not only competition, trade and internal market issues but other issues concerning the business community in general. In the past, the task force has held events covering the following topics:

  • Trade – CETA and lessons learned for Supporters of Liberalised Trade
  • Pharmaceuticals – “Where are we after Lundbeck?”
  • TTIP – Enhancing Transparency in TTIP from an EU Perspective
  • Energy – Antitrust in the energy sector to help build Cop21 objectives 
  • Big Data
  • Telecommunication - Consolidation in the telecoms sector, is it a challenge for competition enforcement
  • Cartel - Is cartel entering a new era?

If your company is affected by Competition & Trade issues, why not join the task force? We are always open to new members and new ideas!