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Financial Markets

The Financial Markets task force is the platform to exchange views and enhance understanding in this area of intense EU regulatory activity. The task force promotes dialogue with EU policy makers, whilst also promoting awareness of global aspects of financial regulation.

The task force brings together a diverse group of chamber members; including providers as well as users of financial services, professional advisors, public affairs advocates and welcomes input from other private sector players with a stake in financial markets.

The list of issues of interest to the task force is long and growing. Topics that our members have discussed in previous years have included:

  • Financial Stability and Growth
  • Taxation policy
  • Progress and Challenges of the Capital Market Union
  • Bank regulation
  • Deposit insurance, BRRD implementation and the implementation of TLAC in the EU
  • Insurance and pensions

To make sure the Financial Markets agenda is relevant to the work you do then sign up for the next task force briefing and speak with other Financial Markets members to put the briefing agenda together.