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Industrial Competitiveness

Launched in 2014, the Industrial Competitiveness task force aims to ensure that members are in dialogue with key policy makers and encompass all discussions relating to innovation and technology to innovation and technology, environmental sustainability, energy, research, agriculture and rural developments', chemicals as well as transport.

In the past, the following issues have been covered:

  • Electricity market reform
  • Sustainable Development policy
  • Revision of the EU Emissions trading Scheme
  • Low Carbon Emission Mobility
  • Reach Review
  • Can Europe move to a low carbon economy while maintaining its industrial base?

Priorities of the INTRE Committee 

With such a broad portfolio, this task force is a great place to meet members from across the different sectors covering industry and competitiveness. Come to the next task force briefing and meet the chair and vice-chairs and let us know what briefings you want to see take place.