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Business Advice

Accredited Service Providers

Our accredited service providers are trusted partners with many years experience working in Belgium. They are all experts in their field, offering specialised advice; including answers to questions that you may not know to ask. The British Chamber works with a broad range of providers to ensure that we can provide expert advice across most business sectors.







Support and Advice

The British Chamber offers professional advice and services for international companies in, or entering, the Belgian market. With the assistance of our vastly experienced partners, we help your business to grow and succeed. The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is the gateway for companies doing or seeking to do business in the Belgian and EU markets and for companies looking for access to the UK market.  


Free Business Advice

The British Chamber offers one hour of free advice from any or all of our Accredited Service Providers. Any company in Belgium, or thinking of doing business in Belgium, can access this service. We also understand that there are many steps to establish or improve a business and that this can take a number of years, that is why there is no limit to when you use our services, we can provide advice on the best way to structure a company in Belgium and months later provide advice on the best marketing strategy in Belgium.

Advice is available in the following areas:

  • Office set up (legal, accountancy, VAT, registration etc)
  • Financial, Legal and Tax advice
  • Office space and virtual offices
  • Marketing and promotional services
  • Sales support (strategy, trade fairs, distributors etc)
  • Human Resources (recruitment, payroll, social security etc)
  • Living in Belgium (relocation, accommodation, health insurance etc)
  • Logistics
  • Grants and subsidies
  • Training and development

All Accredited Service Providers work in English, but most can also offer advice in French and Flemish as well. 

Getting to know our expert Advisors

Our Trade & Investment Partners

We work closely with a number of partners to maximise the reach and effectiveness of our trade and investment activities. These include partners in Belgium and the UK, and government and non-governmental bodies.

Each partner has a different area of expertise, some focus on supporting companies entering the Belgian market for the first time, others work with Belgian companies looking to invest in the UK. We also work with national business organisations in Belgium and other international Chambers of Commerce.

Together we are able to fully support companies in Belgium – whether from the UK, Belgium, or any other country. We couldn’t do what we do without them.


Why Belgium? 

Belgium is an ideal starting place for companies new to exporting. For any company looking to expand into Europe Belgium is the ideal tester market - it is an open and dynamic market with plenty of opportunities for high value products and services, and English is an accepted business language. And for UK companies it is just a short train ride away, making your export journey that much easier.