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About us

The British Chamber gives its members the business, policy and personal connections to boost their competitiveness in Europe. It's your international network.

With roots in Britain, Europe and around the world, our members have strong business and personal affiliations with the UK including trade, investment and employment. Our members employ more than 1.6m people in the UK and more than 6m worldwide.

It is a unique platform for bilateral and EU relations and a neutral forum for business leaders (from SMEs to multinationals) to acquire timely policy insights, to network and to connect with their peers and key decision makers.
The chamber is a flexible and efficient business and networking facilitator able to connect business leaders with the policy and business contacts they need. It is a gateway for companies seeking to do business in Belgian and EU markets.
The British Chamber supports member companies in Belgium by connecting them to the right people and providing a range of essential business services.

The chamber is a neutral platform which invites a wide variety of people to speak. The variety of speakers, including those who may hold views differing from many of our members is a strength of the chamber.

We invite speakers from governments, the European institutions, elected representatives, companies and trade associations, NGOs and private individuals.

The key criteria for inviting a speaker is that our members would be interested to hear their views.

The chamber reserves the right not to invite any given speaker.



The British Chamber seeks sponsorship from members for its high level events. This helps us to keep membership fees lower. Where an event is sponsored, this is clearly acknowledged on our website and related publicity. We are listed on the Transparency Register (56188303384-93)

Patron members have first option on the sponsorship opportunities available to members through the tender process. The chamber reserves the right to refuse a sponsorship from any organisation.

The organisation is listed on the Transparency Register (56188303384-93)
Our Mission, Vision and Values
Mission, goals and values