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The British Chamber Council

The chamber is governed by a board of directors called the Council. The Council meets four times a year and is elected every two years by all member companies. The current council was elected in May 2015.

The President of the Council and other officers are elected by the Council at its first meeting. The role of council members is to oversee the effective running of the chamber and to act as its supporters and ambassadors. Read about what our Council members have done during their time as part of the Council by clicking here.

Bill Batchelor
Baker & McKenzie

Inge Boets
Porter Novelli
Vice President

Craig Burchell


Richard Carty


Richard Corliss


Filip Corveleyn
Hon. Secretary


Jill Craig
Hume Brophy


Elaine Cruikshanks
Acumen Public Affairs


Dave Deruytter

Philippe Jadoul

Agathe Legris



Sean Murray
EUK Consulting



Tom Parker
Cambre Associates
Vice President


Ed Read Cutting
The Fry Group

Beverley Robinson
RobinsonHenry SPRL

Thomas Spiller (Chair)
The Walt Disney Company



Catherine Stewart


Martin Van Wunnik
Arsima Projects
Hon. Treasurer


Max von Olenhusen

Glynis Whiting
Starfish MRM




Role of Council members

Council members, elected for a two year period, have both an external and internal role to play:

  1. Advising, bringing ideas to the fore and improving the value the British Chamber provides its members;

  2. Acting as ambassadors for the chamber, actively championing the visibility and promotion of the services of the British Chamber;

  3. Aim to attend all council meetings per year (minimum of two);

  4. Attend chamber networking events (minimum of 2 per year)

  5. Bringing constructive opinions/critique on all aspects of the chamber’s work; and

  6. Play a key role in one of the committees; support the chamber via the sponsorship of events; and/or pro-actively use your expertise and contacts to help the chamber and recruit members

Election of the Council

The council is elected in a secret ballot of eligible members conducted by a secure online voting system. Each member has one vote, to be cast by the person notified to the chamber as primary contact for the member.

Candidates must nominate themselves at least one month before the AGM. A list of candidates along with biographical information will be published and distributed to voting members at least three weeks before the AGM. The result of the vote will be announced at the AGM and newly elected council members will take up their position at the meeting of the Council immediately following the AGM.

Election of the President

The President is elected by the council for a term of two years at the first council meeting following the election of a new council. The term of the current council and President will come to an end at the AGM May 2017.

As necessary, the current President (or vice-chair) will chair a working group including at least one former President and the Chief Executive.

The group will:

  • review and update criteria for candidates to the role of President and publish
  • interview any candidates for the role
  • provide the newly elected council with an objective assessment of the candidates

Candidates to the role of President must be elected a member of the Council.

At its first meeting, the new Council (chaired by the current President) will receive the report of the working group and a presentation from any candidate. The Council will then appoint a candidate by majority vote.

The new President will then take the chair of the meeting and propose:

  • Candidates to be co-opted as members of Council
  • Candidates for the remaining officers of the company (up to two Vice-Presidents, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer).
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The Chamber is governed by a board of directors called the Council