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Working for the British Chamber

Working at the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is a fulfilling experience. The British Chamber provides a friendly work environment that allows you to make full use of your professional skills or develop new ones, explore new and challenging areas and meet lots of interesting people.

The British Chamber intern programme offers six- and twelve month opportunities for students, usually enrolled in business school or administration courses at university, to gain experience in our international business environment.

Through a British Chamber internship students can:

  •     Gain and develop management, organisational and communication skills
  •     Acquire project management skills
  •     Gain cross-cultural awareness and learn how to work in a culturally diverse workplace
  •     Understand how organisations work
  •     Improve their English

The British Chamber offers opportunities to undertake projects in a variety of areas including:

  •     Office administration
  •     Marketing
  •     Communications
  •     Finance and accounting

Interns are full-time and are based at the British Chamber’s offices in central Brussels. The Chamber is a not-for-profit organisation, however we do provide a small payment to interns and they are able to participate in British Chamber events and courses for free!

For more information on our intern programme contact us directly.

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